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. >>> from the heart. the inspirational last message from a texas teen that has people around the world listening. >>> and to the moon. tonight, inside the mission being called the biggest since we landed there. being called the biggest since we landed there. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm harry smith, in for brian tonight. five days to go and iowans can't blink without seeing or hearing or bumping into a republican presidential candidate. the candidates are making final arguments before tuesday's caucus claiming they have the record, the values and the right stuff to win the nomination and win next november. chuck todd and peter alexander are in iowa tonight. we begin with peter in mason city. peter, good evening. >> reporter: harry, good evening to you. one sign that mitt romney's campaign is gaining confidence and looking forward to the opportunity to win here in iowa next week is the fact that today they announced they will host a party after next tuesday night's caucuses and then stay overnight to do tv interviews befo
tier of the country. that is going to bring a lot of rain to texas where we do it will come to texas where we need it and it will get in the way of holiday travel plans into christmas eve. there is rain and snow in texas. believe it or not. if you're dreaming of a white christmas some of you will get your wish. be careful traveling. interstate 20 and i-10, that system heads into the southeast by christmas day itself as you unwrap presents from birmingham to atlanta. if you want a white christmas, you will have to head well north. northern new england your best chance for a white christmas and much of the west. very thick snow pack from the rockies down into new mexico where every ski resort in new mexico is open. there is good news if you want to try out the new skis and snowboards this year. kate, back to you. >> a lot of brown on that map though. kelly cass, thanks so much. >>> now to the other mad rush playing out at the mall. it was discouraging today to see the lack of holiday spirit on display when a certain coveted sneaker went on sale. that's right. people were fighting over
store. that's no longer the case. >> reporter: in austin, texas, electrician larry scoggins pawned his tools. >> just getting a loan. >> reporter: and what are you going to do with that money? >> i'll try to buy a gift for my mother with it. >> reporter: it's the loans that bring in the bulk of the merchandise. someone comes in and hands over a valuable. it's collateral for the loan. interest rates vary from 20% to more than 200%. which is why sometimes the owners never return. it's just too expensive to pay off the loan. so that collateral goes up for sale. flat screen tvs like these -- used, of course -- sell for as little as $65. >> they would be shopping in walmart and target. this year they are shopping here. >> reporter: ensuring even when money is tight the must have saddle under the tree come christmas morning. kerry sanders, nbc news, austin, texas. >> saddle up. when we come back, do you believe in miracles? one woman's incredible stroke of luck -- or was it skill? >>> as you watch this next item, please remember this woman never had a hockey stick in her hand before this mom
female soldier was specialist britney hampton, from texas. >> i'm just proud, honestly. i'm glad it's over. a sense of relief. >> reporter: military families like hers carried the burden of this war. other americans at times preferred to ignore. hampton's father served four tours in iraq. she's finishing one. her fiance did one too. >> we're going to have christmas at our house this year. that's all i'm looking forward to, all i can think about. >> reporter: now it is over, after many are struggling with injuries, trauma, divorce and anger. today, the troops left with their spirits high. >> it is a great day for not just for me, but for everybody. all the sacrifices the united states made and over the course of the iraq war. >> reporter: a controversial war, perhaps not mission accomplished, but at least now mission complete. also, lester, after all of these years of war, the iraqis have paid a heavy price, about 150,000 iraqis killed since the conflict began. and here it is, lester, the last vehicle. and you can see where the soldiers wrote in chalk, just that, last vehicle out of
members of bravo 224 of the 25th of virginia national guard unit en route to ft. hood, texas. they all need a ride out of camp virginia in kuwait tonight. they will be airborne while most americans are asleep. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in baghdad where he lived for many years covering this war and where he covered today's ceremony. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. for the more than one million u.s. troops who served in iraq, this is the end of an era. the iraq war defined their lives, in some cases ended their lives, and now it's over. ♪ >> reporter: for a big war, it was a remarkably small closing ceremony. a few hundred troops, a five-piece band on a base by the airport on the edge of baghdad. but with the casing of the colors, the u.s. military command in iraq ended a mission that began what feels like so long ago. >> we cannot know the duration of this war. yet we know its outcome. we will prevail. >> reporter: at least now we know the duration. america's costliest war in decades officially ended today. >> your nation is deeply indeb
make nutrition possible. >>> some big headlines this week from a major cancer conference in texas including a new treatment for women in the advanced stages of breast cancer, using a drug already on the market to treat kidney and pancreatic cancers. and now there's word of some promising news for women fighting woumpb the most aggressive forms of the disease. we get the details tonight from our chief science correspondent robert bizell. >> reporter: not only did rebekah freedman of los angeles have breast cancer but a particular form of the disease with a protein called her 2. it appears in about one in five breast cancers and can make them very aggressive. so freedman, who is now cancer free, volunteered to take part in a clinical trial to find the best way to treat her cancer. even without knowing what drugs she would get. >> it's well worth doing it. because i have this little girl that i want to survive for. >> reporter: there was already a drug on the market to treat her two breast cancers, an anti-body called receptin but at the san antonio breast cancer symposium this week,
. >> reporter: the company called stratfor from australia, texas, helps clients shield themselves from risk. tonight it's scrambling to protect itself. its website now contains only a brief statement that it's, quote, undergoing maintenance. hackers from anonymous claim they stole thousands of credit card numbers and other personal information from the company and used it to make donations to charity. some were corporate and government clients but individual subscribers to stratfor were also among the victims including this former employee of the texas department of banking. >> in this instance they are taking from individuals. they could have ruined our christmas. they could have ruined our lives. >> reporter: he said the hackers tried to steal $700 from his account, giving $200 to the red cross. in a statement the group said there is, quote, plenty more havoc in store for the week and calls for the release of bradley manning accused of passing on thousands of classified government documents to wikileaks which anonymous has sought to aid in the past. >> the lesson is for companies with sen
to texas for the holiday weekend. his supporters looking to distance him from decades-old racist news letters published under his name released this new video, touting dr. paul's care for a biracial couple in the 1970s. >> when ron paul came to my rescue, he just stepped in and went to work with my wife. >> reporter: also saturday, newt gingrich the target of an aggressive advertising blitz that's caused his poll numbers to plummet e-mailed supporters attacking the media and asking for money. still to be determined, whether gingrich's show of emotion friday speaking about his late mother's illness will help the former house speak connect with undecided voters. >> um she was dealing with the real problems of real people in my family. >> reporter: michele bachmann is struggling to regain the momentum that won her the ames straw poll last summer. >> we did this together! rick santorum is enjoying the attention that's come with his recent surge among conservatives. on friday looking to win fans wearing gear from iowa's rival universities at consecutive events. and rick perry fighting to o
in texas which often has the most in the country, just 13 executions this year, about half of last year's total. illinois this year took the death penalty off the books entirely. in oregon, governor john kitzhaber barred executions as long as he's in office, calling them morally wrong. >> i refuse to be part of a compromised neck roll system any longer. >>> three more states, california, connecticut and maryland, may consider repealing capital punishment next year. and a recent gallup poll shows that, while 61% of americans say they favor the death penalty, that's the least support since 1970s. even so, 34 states retain the death penalty. supporters say it's imposed less often not because jurors think it's unfair but because a sentence of life without parole doesn't invite decades of legal appeals. another factor, they say, violent crime is down. >> it's not that society no longer supports the death penalty. it's the fact that there are just fewer murders in the united states by almost 50%. and that's good news. >> reporter: whatever the reasons, the numbers show that while the death pe
out there along with his other hit, "the in crowd". he was born into a sharecropper family in texas. he moved to california where sonny bono gave him his career break. he wrote songs for ray charles and tammy wynett among others. dobie gray dead in nashville at the age of 71. >>> as we mentioned there is a new report out on the amount of sugar in cereal getting a lot of attention. we have put it on our website so you can look for your own brand. the gist is a lot of cereals have more sugar than desserts. as one observer put it, they make bacon look healthy. just two examples. kellogg's honey smacks have more sugar per serving than twinkies, and honey nut cheerios, they say, have more sugar than oreos. >>> alec baldwin is in the news and not for anything good. he was thrown off an american airlines flight from l.a.x. to jfk last night because he wouldn't turn off his electronic device. he says the plane was still at the gate. he was in the middle of words with friends. the airline said he was extremely rude and used offensive language. on any flight the captain's the boss and the cap
during the holidays in those red kettles in at least ten states, including texas, illinois, colorado and here in florida. >> we live in a fast food world today, where everything seems to be instant. let me make my donation online. do you take credit cards? but this person has taken the time to find this coin every year. >> reporter: the salvation army, a christian organization, says there are two messages that resonate. that note and what's inscribed on the coin. in god we trust. kerry sanders, nbc news, ft. myers, florida. >>> and that's our tuesday night broadcast. thank you for being here with us, i'm brian williams. and we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night. -- captions by vitac -- bay tonight. >> it's a bizarre accident that may have happened during the taping of a popular tv show. the alameda sheriff's office says some type of projectile has gone through a home in dublin. >> cheryl
control, killing a guard and an inmate. in the texas panhandle, amarillo had rain and snow. a welcome weather event for the drought stricken state. and kansas saw as much as 14 inches of snow, and four foot drifts. >> we had several of our own vehicles that ended up in the ditch. >> the storm dumped as much as 20 inches of snow in a december that's featured a snow drought for many. >> with christmas just around the corner, it's welcome news for travelers that some highways and major interstates have now reopened, and people are digging out. and this weekend, not many of you will be digging out. check out the saturday forecast map for christmas eve. a few snow showers over the rockies, but it will be rain from the gulf coast into the carolinas, impacting atlanta's hartsfield-jackson, the world's busiest airport. could be some holiday flight delays. right now we're looking at snow in the interior, and rain for the big cities. brian, i want to tell you, we're going with the european model here. the american model has nothing. they'll duke it out for the rest of the week. stay tuned to th
health care law and how texas and other states carve up districts for their seats in congress, the justices today jumped into another controversial issue animating the presidential campaign. how much power states have to control illegal immigration. >> power to the people! >> reporter: the court will consider whether parts of arizona's strict new law blocked by the lower courts go too far. >> it's about every state grappling with the cost of illegal immigration and it's about the fundamental principles of federalism. >> reporter: one provision now on hold required police to check the immigration status of anyone they suspected might be in the country illegally. immigrant groups called it racial profiling and the obama administration sued, saying it violated the constitution by straying into an area that's a federal responsibility. but since arizona acted, five other states have passed tough immigration laws of their own. alabama, georgia, indiana, south carolina and utah. all say the federal government isn't adequately enforcing laws already on the books. >> this is the first
unidentified to this lab in texas in hopes that they could be named. >> back in the '80s, everything was dental. that was about it. with dna now we have so much more that we can do. >> reporter: there is also a hotline for families of the missing. they are being asked to give samples of their dna to assist in the investigation. for the sister of william bundy, who heard of the investigation and gave her dna, the discovery has brought closure. >> i know that -- that the sorrow will eventually go away and i'll have a place to visit him. >> reporter: ironically, other family members are buried in the same cemetery as bundy. the family has visited several times over the years, not knowing their brother was just a short distance away. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >>> here in new york today they were lined up outside christie's auction house for a look at elizabeth taylor's jewels. she's acquired a formidable collection over her 79 years, an array of diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, all now on display before they're sold at auction later this month. as you can see, they're spectacular. and at 3
in ft. hood, texas, some of the final combat troops out of iraq reuniting with their families on this christmas eve. and it's been a season of joyous reunions like that one, a sea of soldiers across the country returning from war, some of them pulling off one more secret mission for their families. here's nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: in a season full of holiday wishes -- >> oh, my gosh! daddy! >> reporter: -- this year is bringing some extra special delivery, with tens of thousands of troops returning home, 10-year-old amber mackey in iowa is one of many kids -- >> you miss me? just a little? >> reporter: -- getting the gift they've been dreaming of. >> dad. >> your dad? >> reporter: for the kids, the hugs are like holiday miracles. but, for the troops, they've become covert operations. >> my heart is -- >> reporter: in california, 4-year-old stephanie randall was at her dance recital when her dad brett stole the show. >> daddy! >> reporter: it wasn't just stephanie who was shocked. mom jennifer had no idea either. >> hi, baby. >> reporter: the homecoming surprise has
." he was born into a sharecropper family in texas. he moved to california where sonny bono gave him his big break. dobie gray dead in nashville at the age of 69. >>> there is a new report on the amount of sugar in cereal getting a lot of attention. the gist is a lot of cereals have more sugar than desserts. they make bacon look healthy. just two examples. honey smacks have more sugar per serving than twinkies and honey nut cheerios have more than oreos. >>> alec baldwin was thrown off a flight last night because he wouldn't turn off his electronic device. he was in the middle of words with friends. the airline said he was extremely rude and used offensive language. on any flight the captain's the boss and the captain tossed him. he took a later flight without incident. his rep pointed out other passengers were live tweeting about the fracas using devices they didn't turn off either. baldwin apologized but said, the lesson i learned is to turn my phone off when the 1950s gym teacher is on duty. >>> colonel sherman potter has died, that is to say harry morgan has died. he was a plainspoke
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. this low pressure system brought ten inches of snow to parts of northwestern texas. about four inches of snow to places like amarillo. that system will eventually move on out to the east. also noticing things getting much busier across the northwest. this will cause showers and thunderstorms across much of the mississippi valley. we track that eastbound. now it starts push into the rest of the southeast. and tuesday night into wednesday right across the northeast. then we get those winds shifting back to the west. not much rainfall for us on wednesday across the northeast but it will be that tuesday through wednesday time frame much that we're most concerned about. a lot of slowdowns. we want folks to keep it locked into the weather channel. >> adam, thank you. >>> up next as nightly news continues on this sunday, a royal christmas and a first for the newest member of the royal family. >>> also our education nation report. how one school system really turned things around. >>> and later making a difference one bicycle at a time. the true spirit of giving in the season of giving. [ fem
that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of a pain free holiday. ♪ this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. >>> so before we go tonight a quick word about last night. those of you who watched the first live feed of our broadcast at 6:30 eastern time saw it and heard it. our fire alarm went off and it kept going off for pretty much the whole broadcast. it's not supposed to sound in here, but it did. there was never any danger, just to our hearing. a little bit of danger would have made it more worth it. while i look for the guy responsible i just wanted to thank those of you who expressed either concern or support today and we just wanted to thank you for bearing with us and apologize for what was probably not our smoothest effort around here. hopefully thi
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)